Saturday, March 24, 2007

Alyssa Milano, a TV Series star!

Alyssa Milano, at her young age 11 years old, Starred in her first major role as Samantha Micelli in the comedy sitcom TV Series “Who's the Boss?” together with her co-stars Tony Danza, Judith Light, Danny Pintauro and Katherine Helmond and since then, she proved that she has the blood of a Hollywood star!

Alyssa's Parents, Tom, a music editor and Lin Milano, a fashion designer, raised her in Staten Island together with her brother Cory (also an actor) and relocated in Hollywood after she won the role of Samantha. After that success in her TV series role, she had appeared in several films and gained her success when listed as one of the cast of the famous Melrose Place TV series in 1997.

In 1998, Charmed TV Series started airing and Alyssa is one of the 3 Main Characters. She Plays the role of Phoebe Halliwell and the story is about the 3 powerful good witches and known as “the charmed ones” in their supernatural com

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where did Jennifer Aniston Started her Career?

I can say Jennifer Aniston, (Jennifer Anastassakis in real life) is one of the famous female Hollywood star right now. She won several awards in Emmy's and Golden Globe awards, starred in movies "Bruce Almighty", "Along came Polly" and "The Break-up", but where her career started up?

When She moved to Hollywood after her appearance in The Howard Stern Radio Show Between mid-80's and early90's, she was first seen in a short-lived "Molloy". After that, she was also seen in "Ferris Bueller", a TV adaption of a late 80's teen movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". Also, see was seen in a TV Comedy Series "The Edge" and "Muddling Through".

She was exposed and known in playing the role of Rachel Green in a popular FRIENDS TV Series. Rachel there was a popular schoolgirl spoiled daddy's girl. She has change after she had her baby but still focused on image and fashion. She once became a waitress at Central Perk and with the encouragement of her friends she eventually enter a career in fashion. As playing Rachels role, she won an Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. What a success in her career!

This 2007, Jennifer was invited to star in Courtney Cox Arquette's (her best friend) new Television Show “Dirt”. Jennifer will play Courtney's snobby rival but did not make to the cast.